Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Reader is a New Digi-Scrappers Best Friend!

Do you use Google Reader? If you don't you should be! Read below to learn why!

Google Reader is a way to keep up with feeds, specifically the latest blog posts. This is crucial for any "newbie" scrapper.

Why? First, as a newbie, we don't have many scrapbooking papers or elements to work with. Instead of going broke we rely on the kindness of those who offer freebies. The trouble is that most freebies expire and move to a site's store after a short period of time, so you need to be on top of them when they are still free. Likewise, as a newbie, we are still developing our skills and styles and the best way to learn is by learning from others. Studying the layouts of others will help us to grow as scrappers ourselves. But visiting various blogs that post freebies and layouts can become work if you have to click on bookmark after bookmark to find all of the blogs that you follow.

But Google Reader does all of the work for you. You simply subscribe (you will need to register for a Google account if you do not have one) to Google Reader and add subscriptions to all of the blogs that you follow. Instead of visiting each website, just go to and any new posts will show up in the viewing window. That way every day you can do a quick scroll through all of the most recent blog posts at one website. Just click on any links and Google Reader will open a new window. It's perfect for staying on top of all of the new stuff out there without taking much time. I absolutely love it and recommend you use it too.

To quickly subscribe a blog or feed look for the +Google button. I have one in the right column of my page, in the drop-down "Posts" button under the Subscribe heading. Click it and you will be able to easily view all future blogs in Google Reader. It is really worth your time. It looks like this (but make sure you click on the actual button in the right column, this is just a picture so you will recognize it):

Note -- June 8, 2009: I just found where another digi-scrapper talked about Google Reader on her blog. She gives you very specific directions on setting up Google Reader, so if you have any more questions, check out her tutorial at Digital Scrapbooking - No Glue Required, dated March 20th.

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