Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Photo Layout

I decided to participate in Digi Dare #138 at
I really jumped in there---it was a tough challenge, but very cathartic I think.

Life has its ups and downs, the happy moments, but also the sad ones. The ecstatic highs, and the painful lows.
My dare this week is to scrap about those lows (emotional or physical pain). Yes, you can do it.
Think about what happened, how was your reaction to it and how did it affect you? Did it make you stronger or are you still coping with it.

-You can use a picture, or not. Use a stockphoto or something that symbolizes that pain.
-I want you to use your blending techniques. The papers, the elements, the picture, just blend something.
-Use the color that you associate with that pain.

Last Photo Layout

"Last Photo"
This photo represents my pain because it is the last photo of us taken together. It is a reminder that things are not permanent, that people and things in life are ephemeral, they are just moments. I used blending modes on the photo once I turned it black and white to give it a stronger contrast between black and white...a little sharper. I tried to keep it subtle. For some reason I felt that black and red really represents how I feel. Red can be such a raw color, like an open wound.

Paper - from "Tiny Jewels" by Julia Makotinsky
Fonts: "Socially Awkward" and "My Nerd" both by


Sandra said...

I am so sorry for your loss, it is hard to lose someone you loved dearly, who has been there your whole life. The most important thing is that you have her in your heart. Thank you for your page.

listgirl said...

Thanks for participating in this week's Digi Dare Erin. Articulating a loss is never easy. Neither is scrapping about a big loss. I love how you repeated the words "I Miss You" and blended them. I lost my mom over two years ago, and I've scrapped the last photo of us together. It is so hard. Thanks for sharing your pain with us.

~~~Welcome~~~ said...

Wow...this a beautiful LO! Very very eye catching. I think your choices for colors are perfect. I hope that in some way, this challenge, has brought you some peace. My sincerest sympathies in your loss and may each day bring to you a special happy memory of your loved one.

lauren aka mlpieters said...

just wanted to say that i came to check out your dare. it touches a deep part. i'm sorry for your loss.

Leora said...

this is a very touching LO. thank you for sharing your loss and pain with us...I hope it helped you to heal some.

Lumilyon said...

Oh how I feel for you. Loosing our loved ones leaves a big hole in our lives but in an amazing way, learning to live with the loss makes us more complete has human beings. This layout has touched me deeply. thank you for sharing x